Milly Shapiro [is] bound to go down as a child horror-movie icon
— USA Today
“[Liberty] has a winning star in the teenage Ms. Shapiro, who brings pure conviction to her peculiar role.”
— The New York Times
The real standout is the menacing performance from young Broadway actress Milly Shapiro.
— Sundance
Abigail Shapiro steals the show with her beautiful rendition of ‘Another World’ from A LITTLE PRINCESS, and she is absolutely radiant on ‘Part of Your World’ from THE LITTLE MERMAID.
— BroadwayWorld
“Milly a spot-on delight as Sally.”
— The New York Times
The solemn-eyed and sweet-voiced Milly Shapiro delivered a performance that was grave, gutsy and go-girl winning.
— The New York Daily News
Abigail came in to read for another role and made us step back. She brings true innocence. The powerfully petite Abigail Shapiro brings an unexpected freshness to the monumental role of Liberty.
— Theresa Wozunk, Producer of Liberty
Matilda Wormwood, played by the marvelous Milly Shapiro, resembles an avenging cherub from a Renaissance day of judgment painting.
— The New York Times

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